WRM News #218 – Apples! Lowering the Bar

In Season Now
Cookie Tasting
Heaps of New Stuff
A Library? With A Bribe
Lowering The Bar
Taste of Autumn Ticket Sales
Catching Aptos! Help Your Farmers Market Win.
BBQ Party!
New In Beer
Secret Sales
In Season Now!!
It is apple season! Time to load up on them while they are fresh. In stock now are gravenstein and — local favorite — pink pearls from The Apple Farm in Philo. Tomorrow evening we should be getting some more of Filigreen Farm’s wonderful blueberries.
Cookie Tasting!!
While the samples last ask for a taste test of one or more gluten free, gourmet cookies make by WholeVine of Sonoma. These beauties are made in part from flour derived from the skin and seed of wine grapes. It is part of their project to get maximum use from every aspect of the vines used to produce wines. Learn more at: http://www.wholevine.com/
Sausage Up
Our selection of Owen Family sausage has finally been replenished. In the pork section we have Racer 5 Sicilian, porcini-sage, Big Bear Stout and maple. In the lamb zone there are garlic herb, Moroccan, apple, pinenut, mint jalapeno, Italian, chorizo & Greek.
Should We Build A Library? With a Bribe!
Have you seen the cool neighborhood book exchange boxes in the Wagonseller neighborhood? Shouldn’t the Westside have one too? A couple people have suggested that one would fit nicely by our bench. Anyone with some building skills interested coordinating to make that happen? If someone is willing to take charge of getting this done we will reward completion of the project with a 3L bottle of Parducci Pinot Noir.
Ticket Give Away – Lowering the Bar
The ever generous Nelson Family Vineyards stopped by and donated 10 tickets (each a $10 value) to their summer concert series event on Friday August 23 featuring Petty Theft.

What to do with them? How about a treasure hunt? Come look around for our cool new North Bay Made product identifiers. They tell you what comes from our region by identifying things made in Mendocino, Lake, Sonoma, Napa, Solano and Marin counties. Pick out any 2 North Bay Made branded items to try out and get a free ticket! (Last week it was 3 items … and we gave away exactly none … so we are trying 2 this week. Heck, if we have some left by Thursday we might just lower the bar to one … you don’t want to make us do that, do you?)
Ticket Sales
Speaking of tickets, you can come get your ticket to the Heartstone Village Taste of Autumn benefit. Music, auctions, hay rides, apple pressing, nature walks, organic & local food and wine tasting. It is Sunday, October 6 from 1-5pm at Frey Vineyards. Advance sale tickets are $20. It will be $30 at the door.
Pledge to Support the Ukiah Farmers’ Market
KEEP IT UP! Since Saturday we have cut Aptos lead in half! #1 in CA is in sight. Just over 2 weeks left to go!

NEW INFO: YOU CAN PLEDGE AS OFTEN AS ONCE PER DAY. So, if you spend more than $10 at the market PLEASE pledge multiple times each week!!!

Go to www.LoveMyFarmersMarket.org enter Ukiah, pick the Ukiah Saturday market and follow the prompts to make your pledge. Thanks!
Yet Another Way To Help Your Farmers’ Market
Please join us THIS FRIDAY for a Food Stamp Fundraising Bash!

You are invited to a Potter Valley Pig Roast & potluck. It will feature a whole PV-raised heritage breed hog slow roasted plus other potluck dishes contributed by some of your favorite farms. Plus, live music & farm-donated raffle items. Suggested donation for the meal is $20, 100% of the funds raised go to the food stamp matching program at the Ukiah farmers’ market!! Great food, great company for a great cause. Friday 8/23 from 4pm until the food runs out at Hopper’s Corner in Potter Valley. Contact Valerie at 954-319-7701 with any question or to make a donation.
New In Beer
A limited time opportunity to try some world-class saisons:

– Grassroots, Arctic Saison. 99/100 on ratebeer.com (Also currently #25 overall on the list of most highly rated saisons)
– Blaugies, Saison d’Epeautre. 95/100 on ratebeer.com
– Prairie Artisan Ale, Prairie Hop. 99/100 on ratebeer.com
– Upright Brewing, Seven. 97/100 on ratebeer.com
Mikkeller Spontan White Grape. Not yet rated. You could be the 1st!

Also new, Ninkasi, Maiden the Shade. 96/100 on ratebeer.com
Secret Sale
Mendocino Grain project whole grain winter wheat 15% off.

Oren’s Kitchen spiced nuts 15% off.

10% off the jam and jelly shelf.

Lots of new Rancho Gordo beans & seasonings. Try them at 10% off. Also, in case you want to try the local guy, McFadden Farm’s speckled bayo bean, in comparison with the Rancho Gordo, you can have 10% off those as well.

In the foreign beer section, 10% Orval & Pannepot. Try out Firestone Pale 31 the domestic side at 10% off. Help clear out Dead Guy Ale, Bison Hop Cuvee or Rogue Oregasmic Ale at 20% off.